Money changing hands at the Bullring markets in Birmingham     The grounds of Christ Church in Yardley Wood     Canalside cottage     The bright lights of the Malthouse public house     The canalside of the ICC in Birmingham     People relaxing in the grounds of St Pauls church     The many spires of St Martins church peirce the sky     Canal boat arriving in Gas St Basin     Canalside at King Edwards Wharf     A cyclist struggles up Hill Street     A riverside path enters through a hole in the woodland     The old toll house at Kings Norton     Knights in armour battle with swords     Portrait of a goat     Victorian buildings on a narrow street     Victorian school house     A child plays in the fountain at Centenary Square

The spire of the old Cathedral from the entrance of the new     The steel arches sweep across the blue expanse

The shores of Derwent water in the Lake District     Angry skies over the mountains in the heart of the Lake District

Trees grow from the rocky outcrop

The cable-car cables hang down from the clouds

A path weaves its way across the white cliffs in Dorset

Grey textures of the trees on the rocky slopes

A panoramic view across Denny Lodge in the New Forest     A path leads into a clearing in the forest     A collage of pebbles

A rainbow over fields in Hertfordshire     The suns rays radiate from behind the clouds     A derelict barn in Digswell     Portrait of a horse     A trig point rises above a field of daisies

The sands at Cromer     Lone fisherman on shingle beach

Horses grazing on Shropshire hills

Rolls of wheat

A view from Scala del Bovolo towards St Marks Square     Narrow Venetian street

A warm sky over Burton Dassett Hills on a cold winters' day     Portrait of a Lama     Large red flower with long stamen     Spherical violet flower being visited by a bee

A red glow across the sky at Harvington     A tractor sits forgotten in the dark     Daylight shines between the beams of the barn doors     Sunset over the Malvern Hills     A view along the multiple peaks of the Malvern Hills     Gothic tower against pebbledash blue sky     Sun shine through the haze over the Malverns
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