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Urban Country Lanes

Miscellaneous scribblings, unrelated to urban country lanes.

Road and traffic related articles and tools which I've taken from previous web-sites.
How Much Later?
October 2003
Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or behind a tractor or another slow-moving vehicle? Ever wondered how much time you lost due to the hold-up? Well the How Much Later? Calculator can tell you. Just punch in the details of your delay and calculator will tell you how much later you arrived.
The Road Traffic Scale
January 2004
Describing traffic flow can be difficult because descriptive terms like 'light' and 'heavy' have no fixed definition. Adjectives for describing traffic are often ambiguous and sometimes misleading. The Road Traffic Scale provides a meaningful and easy-to-use scale for describing traffic flow.
An Alternative to Weaving
October 2005
Weaving is one of the most dangerous features of junction design. This idea for a simple change to the road layout turns weaving into merging.
Road Narrows

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