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Urban Country Lanes

The definition of an urban country lane.

To qualify as an urban country lane a road must:
  • be urban
lie within an urban area*, and not along its boundary
  • resemble a country lane
have a soft verge on one or both sides of the road
and (at least one of the following):
>  be narrower than a standard S2 road
>  have no footpath on either side
>  have no lane markings
>  have no street lighting
  • be original
not have been created as part of urban development
  • be preserved
not have modern house or business frontages adjoining the road

Roads that meet these conditions along part of their length also qualify as urban country lanes, but when adding such a road to the database, the relevant section of road must be clearly defined (e.g. "between Station Road and Dog Kennel Lane").

* The term urban area is deliberately used in favour of city or town since urban area refers to a built-up location (physical) whereas the latter relate to authorative regions (conceptual), which can encompass rural areas.
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