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Geocaching could be described as "treasure hunting with technology".
The game involves somebody hiding a container and recording its location (latitude and longitude co-ordinates) using a GPS receiver. They then publish the co-ordinates on the internet so that other people can find it. The container holds a log book and pen for visitors to sign to show they have found the treasure. Owners may also place trinkets of token value in the container, which visitors can swap for other items if they so wish.

A set of guidelines has been defined by Groundspeak Inc. (the un-official home of Geocaching) that protect geocachers and the land on which the treasures are hidden.

My wife and I have been geocaching since June 2004.
We were introduced to the game by a friend who knew we enjoyed country walks and thought we would appreciate the geocaching challenge. How right she was! We now organise nearly all our walks around geocaches, using the information provided by the person who has hidden the cache to plan our trip.
What better way to spend a sunny afternoon is there than marching out into fields and confusing the cows and sheep as we search for hidden treasure?

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