Sniper shootout is a reflex testing shoot-'em-up.

A section of downtown WebVille is riddling with terrorists holding hostages in three hi-rise buildings. The object of the game is to shoot as many terrorists as you can and avoid killing any of the innocent civilians.

Don't get too trigger happy - your six-shooter will need reloading from time-to-time. To reload your gun, move the pointer over the RELOAD link.
Watch the coloured bar below the windows, these will show you which snipers are about to shoot. The bar will change from green to blue to red. When the window flashes white, you have been shot.

There are three different game formats:

Starting with 6 lives, you must shoot the snipers to gain points. If you fail to kill any sniper before he shoots back or you accidentally slaughter a civilian you will lose a life.
As you progress, the level of difficulty will increase and snipers will appear more often and shoot more quickly. An extra life will be gained every time you pass the target score shown. The game ends when your life counter reaches zero.

Lives do not matter in this mode since snipers do not shoot back!
Snipers will appear one at a time in random locations. All you need to do is shoot them as quickly as possible. You have just one and a half minutes to rack up a massive score.

Similar to the timed game, you have one and a half minutes to kill as many snipers as possible. Again, they do not shoot back, but many will appear at once and they will disappear if not shot quickly.
To complicate things, civilians may also appear. Shooting an innocent by-stander will result in game over.

NORMAL - Subgame
Apart from the score table in the NORMAL game, there is a second record that can be challenged. The original number of kills you make (i.e. the number of snipers you shoot before you lose your first life) is also noted, displayed in the top-most box on the right-hand-side of the sniper picture. This record is also considered for the world hi-score table should you submit your game score.

Before playing the game, you will need to have downloaded the following images. If not, the pictures will download during the game and pause the action.

Sniper Sniper.
Civilian Civilian.
Bullet   Cartridge Bullet /
Empty cartridge.
Green bar
Blue bar
Red bar
White bar
Coloured bars.