Scarlet nights is a mini adventure game based within cyber-space.

The primary objective is to rid the land of the evil threat that lurks outside of the city walls. However, along the route to freedom you will solve smaller puzzles, each worth differing amounts of points. Some puzzles are very obscure and may not present themselves until you have explored this land fully. Others are worth extra points depending on how quickly they are completed. You are therefore advised to take a practice game and explore the domain of cyberspace.

In the beginning, God created the Earth and made Man to cultivate the land. The creatures God created evolved, and in this serene land there were the good, who worked for the good of the planet, and the bad, who defied God and wanted Earth for their own. In turn Man created cyberspace and placed within it Artificial Reality Electronic Entities (AREE) to take care of the circuitry and to keep cyberspace a beautiful place for computer users to visit. However, bad AREE (BAREE) evolved. They felt that for as long as Man ruled the electricity that flowed through it, cyberspace was not their home.

One year after cyberspace was created, the great AREE revolution took place. The good AREE (GAREE) far out-numbered the BAREE, but a surprise attack left many GAREE dead. The remaining GAREE were oppressed and forced to flee into uncharted, desolate regions. With no ARRE to take care of cyberspace it soon fell into neglect and became un-inhabitable. When Man saw the decay, they had no other option but to reboot cyberspace. Several GAREE were rescued onto a backup floppy disk, all energy input was disconnected and cyberspace was left cold, dark and life-less for twenty working days.
When the GAREE returned they soon multiplied and replenished the AREE population. But during the starvation a handful of BAREE had survived. They sought exile in the remote parts of the artificial reality and, in the few years that have now passed, the good and bad AREE have lived separate existences. The GAREE found shelter in the cultivated parts of cyberspace, seeing to the upkeep of these cities. Meanwhile, the BAREE dwell around the baron wastes of artificial reality. It is this obscurity that has concerned the city dwellers for some time.
The GAREE townsfolk talk of a second attack by the evil BAREE, referred to as The Deutero-Rebellion. To protect themselves, the GAREE have posted guards around the many cities in cyberspace and take regular maintenance exercises to check the principle highways that link them.

You play the role of one such guard: XOR 1011 0110, named after the famous logic gate and known as 1101 to his friends. XOR and his best friend Porin, were taking patrol of the northern highway out of CentralCity on a beautiful LED lit morning. In the distance, Porin spotted three scruffy-looking AREE flouncing down the road towards them. Undeterred, the two guards stood their ground and waited. There was a sudden scampering from behind, Porin look round, but it was all too late ... the two guards had walked into an ambush. Before XOR or Porin could radio for help several BAREE attacked them in a pincer movement. Porin was critically injured and XOR knocked unconscious and left for dead on a dust-ridden road, 20 RAM chips from anywhere...