If you've played Magnetron before, you'll be familiar with the objective of the game. But Magnetron '99 takes the laid-back puzzle style of the old version and garrotes it with a tea-spoon.

Magnetron '99 contains 34 levels, each of which can only be accessed once the previous level is complete. Ok, nothing too stressing there... so in true arcade style there is a time limit for completing each puzzle (the time allotted depends on the difficulty setting). Bonuses are awarded at the end of each level for any excess time & moves. Scoring is dependent on which of the difficulty settings you choose to play at.

The practice mode offers the chance to try the first seven levels without a time limit. Use this mode, along with the demo, to understand how the game works.

As you complete later levels, additional difficulty settings will become available. Playing the game at these harder settings will also restrict the number of moves allowed to complete each level. The 'Arrggghh' setting is the ultimate attractive challenge - to complete levels at this difficulty requires practice, dedication and the perfect performance.

How To Play
The aim of the game is to remove the metal boxes from the pit in sequence. To remove a box simply pull it up, out of the playing area with the over-head magnet. However, the next box in the sequence may be covered by the other boxes. The over-head magnet can only lift the next box, so you will need to drag the other boxes aside using the side magnets.

Besides the metal boxes, you should also watch out for:

light weight
heavy weight
Weights do not have to be removed from the pit, but how you move them will play a vital role in completing the scene. Lighter weights can be picked up at any time by the over-head magnet and used to hold down other boxes that you drag. Heavy weights on the other hand cannot be lifted, only dragged with the side magnets.

bomb Bombs can also be picked up by the over-head magnet at any time during the game, but will explode on impact - so be careful!

detonator If you come across a detonator it almost certainly means you will need to explode a bomb to complete the scene. To detonate a bomb, position the detonator on the left side of it and drop another box on top of the detonator to depress the plunger. The bomb will explode destroying adjacent boxes.

rock Rocks will be found in scenes to make life a little more difficult. Be wary of those which vanish and reappear, you may need to time your moves to good effect!

The magnets are operated by the following keys:

  • k   - overhead magnet left
  • l   - overhead magnet right
  • SPC - switch overhead magnet on & off
  • s   - side magnets up
  • x   - side magnets down
  • a   - pulse left side magnet
  • ;   - pulse right side magnet

  • q   - quit game

The keys assigned to the controls of the magnets can be customised. Just select an action from the 'Change Key' pull-down menu and type the key to be used. The controls you select will be remembered for your next visit to the game.