Magnetron is a puzzle game whereby you must remove several metal boxes from a pit using three electro-magnets.

To select a puzzle, choose a number from the pull down menu. Each puzzle has a 'trick' to it - the higher the game number the more difficult the trick should be to spot. To begin playing (or to watch the demo game) click on PLAY.

The aim of the game is to remove the marked boxes (in the sequence shown) from the playing area in the least number of moves as possible. A 'move' is counted as the switching on/off of a magnet - not the movement of a magnet. To remove a box you need to pull it up, out the the playing area with the over-head magnet and move it to either side of the screen.

To move the boxes around the playing area you need to operate the magnets. You have three magnets at your disposal.

  • Two side magnets which can be moved up and down either side of the playing area by clicking on the position you want to move them to. Once in the correct position, click on one of the magnets to 'pulse' it. This will drag as many 'free' top-level boxes there are across the playing area letting them drop down after they've reached the side.
  • One over-head magnet which can be moved left or right above the playing area by clicking the space either side of it. When switched on, by clicking on the magnet itself, it will lift up the box directly underneath it.
    However, the overhead magnet only responds if the box below is:
    • The next box in the sequence.
      i.e. the box you need to remove next as shown in the sequence list.
    • A blank box.   blank box
      These decoy blocks do not have to be removed from the scene, but can be manipulated to hold down other boxes when pulsing the side magnets.
    • A Bomb.         Bomb
      Beware of bombs. They can be picked up at any time during the game and will explode when done so.