Take aim, fire!

Chase your opponents and shoot them down.

Use the radar map to locate your opponents. Fly your helicopter close to them for long enough to score a 'hit'. After several hits are scored your opponent will be grounded.

Control your helicopter by moving your device. Tilt your device to fly in a particular direction. Lift/drop your device to fly higher/lower.

As you progress through the levels your opponents will use a wider variety of evasive manoeuvres, from simply trying to out-run you to weaving horizontally and vertically.

Lock in Portrait Mode

This game is best played with your device locked in portrait mode.
(The screen will otherwise flick between portrait and landscape as you tilt your device.)

To lock your device in portrait mode:

Double-tap the home button.
The home button.
Swipe the screen from left to right.
The app tray.
Tap the orientation icon.
The orientation icon.
Swipe down to show the settings screen.
Show the settings panel.
Tap to turn off screen rotation.
Screen rotation option.
Swipe up to hide the settings screen.
Hide the settings panel.