Egg-Traction is a game of accurate reflex skill.

The object of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible from inside the hen pen and place them in one of the baskets provided. You do this by moving your pointer around the pen. Moving it over an egg to pick up the egg and over a basket to store the eggs you are carrying. (Note, any egg doesn't count toward your score until you place it into the basket)

This all sounds very simple, so where's the catch?
Firstly, you can only carry five eggs at any one time. You will need to keep returning to a basket at several times during the game to alight your load. The second catch is that there may be obstacles to navigate your cursor around. If you hit any obstacle (buckets, hens or chicks) you will smash all the eggs you are carrying.

You should be aware that eggs hatch into chicks. In later levels you may need to breed some extra hens to obtain the eggs you need to complete the level, since more hens in the pen mean a higher egg production rate. However, it is not a good idea to let things get out of hand - too many eggs spoil the omelette.

The game ends whenever you fail to collect a sufficient number of eggs within the time limit or when the pen is totally crowded out.

The game will use several images. So, to prevent the game from pausing, be sure to download the images on the game page before playing.