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Thompson runs on Java. If you encounter a problem running Thompson it is most likely because you do not have Java installed on your machine.
You can download and install Java from the Sun website: here.
Java is pre-installed on over 90% of PCs, so you will probably find you only need to download Thompson.
Full game - including example questions
Download Thompson 2.3MB
Question master only*
Download Thompson 279KB
Whichever file you choose to download:
  • Click on the download button and select 'Open file'.
  • The file will open into your zip application
    - unpack the contents to a location of your choice on your local machine.
  • At this location you will now find a shortcut called 'Thompson'.
    Double click this shortcut to open the game.
* If you download the question master only version (i.e. no questions) you will need to create some questions before you can play the game.
You can find more instructions on how to do this in the tutorial.

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