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17th October 2013 Version 1.2
  • LIMBs can now track shapes (polylines, polygons, circles, rectangles) as well as markers. The 'marker' property in the LimbOptions class has been renamed to 'target' to reflect this.
  • The new DirectionsController class provides a simple API to create 'How to Find Us' maps.
  • The position of the LIMB icon adjusts when the map is tilted to 45 degrees.
[ js zip | demo site zip | hosted demo ]
19th August 2013 Version 1.1
  • When hovering over a LIMB the tooltip shows the distance to the marker.
  • The main algorithm uses a LayoutManager strategy class. The default strategy computes the distance to each marker and displays the LIMB for nearer markers above those that are further away.
[ js zip | demo site zip | hosted demo ]
5th April 2013 Version 1.0
  • Fixed bug in LIMB positioning when in a position:relative container.
  • Added a tooltip for clickable LIMBs.
  • Demo site contains extra examples, tests and jsdoc documentation.
[ js zip | demo site zip | hosted demo ]
17th March 2013 Version 0.1
  • Core code for the Limb, LimbFactory and LimbMarkerFactory classes.
  • A wrapper around the Google Places service which generates markers and LIMBs for locations returned by that service.
[ js zip | demo site zip | hosted demo ]

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