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Let's cut to the chase - here's the free stuff.
A JavaScript library for recording and recognising gestures made while holding a hand-held device.
It includes a tool for recording gestures and an engine to recognise gestures from live motion data.
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LIMBs are Labels In the Map Border, and this JavaScript library brings those labels to Google Maps.
This extension to the Google Maps API allows you to track the location of places after they fall off the map.
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Make spelling fun with this picture quiz.
Thompson is your question master in this spelling quiz for pre-school children.

The game uses pictures to prompt your child to select a letter from the keyboard. Choose from four game modes of varying levels of difficulty.
The question database can easily be extended to include pictures on subjects that interest your child.
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Analyse past UK lottery results with this browser-based application.
Babbitt is an extremely versatile and powerful lottery analyser. The program provides various tools to perform all types of analysis from listing results through to searching for the most highly rated combinations.
All tools have the ability to weight data towards any range of draws, a particular machine or set of balls.

Babbitt is easy to download and use, plus there is no installation procedure - just load up the web page.
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